Healthy And Hygienic Life.

Apr 11, 2018 by Abhinav Pal


Mom is always Right. Healthy And Hygienic things are always essential to make better Life. If you want to increase your Life then you have to change your Lifestyle. Now you thinking what kind of changes you should do in your Life. All changes are just around you that regularly you don’t see or you just ignore it. Good habits keep you healthy. Practicing Healthy And Hygienic Life is always better for your Physical Health as well as your Mental Health. Some changes for your Life are mentioned below.


Wash Hands and keep your Body Hygiene.


Humans are come with multiple of other living organism that share common environment. Some organisms can be dangerous to other living beings with cause of infection. Person to person transmission of diseases can be controlled by best practices.

Whether you eat with a spoon or you enjoy licking your fingers, you should clean your hand with an anti bacterial hand wash and bring it to a plate. Washing hand regularly throughout the day can reduce bacterial infection. After washing use dry clean towel or best practice to use tissue papers to clean excess water.


Always fulfill your body with water.


Water is very essential factor of your Life. Without water, your body can not work that you always have to provide water to your body in a perfect limit. Start your day with water. When you wake up in a morning, drink approximately 500ml of water before having any meal, that help your body to refresh each of organs and also keep body hydrated. Always keep in mind that not to drink water just before having meal and just to finish lunch or dinner, have it before and after one hour. In a day, 2-3 litre water is necessary to drink.


Stay away from outsider food or junky food.


Food is another important thing in your life. What food your eating accordingly your body take a shape. Best practices can keep your body and skin healthy. Oily and junky food can cause damaging your skin as well as body, so avoid it as possible. In your meal try to having healthy food like green vegetables, sprouts, roots, etc. everyday having a fresh fruits are best habits for your body which help to keep your body active a whole day long. Say no to Chinese food which contains harmful ingredients like ajinomoto, can slowly damage your body inside. Always Having a fresh food to keep your body healthy.

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