Vastu Tips For Your Kitchen.

May 08, 2018 by Jagruti Karale

Kitchen is the most effected area of the house where all positive energy concentrates. The things in kitchen where properly located according to Vastu tips can be positively affect to the family members. There are some Vastu tips which tells what things should do or what to not.

What things you must do :

- Place your platform on East or South-East corner, provide platform of L-shape in South-East corner and make that place for keeping Microwave ovens, Mixer/grinder, etc.

- Put cooking gas burner in east side of your kitchen.

- Larger window in a kitchen should be eastern side of your kitchen while small ventilators should be place in south.

- The water sink should be in North-East corner of the kitchen.

- The cylinder should be place in South-East corner of the kitchen.

- Clean kitchen and kitchen platform daily before sleeping.

What things you should avoid :

- Avoid Kitchen Under or above Toilet.

- Do not have your Kitchen directly under or above your Pooja Room.

- Do not have kitchen directly under or above your bedroom.

- Do not place cooking gas burner in front of your kitchen door.

- Do not have your main kitchen door in any of corners , place it in east, west or north wall.

- A kitchen in North-East corner make tensions in family members.

- A kitchen in South-West corner lead to clashes in family members.

- Do not place kitchen in North direction, it will be cause to increase expenditure of family beyond expectations.

- Do not face at west side while cooking.

- Avoid placing Dining table in center of the kitchen instead locate it in a North-west Direction.

- Never place water sink in South-East corner of your kitchen.

- Never place your toilet and bathroom inside your kitchen.

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